Atlantes Marine can help in maintaining the exellent performance of a vessel by providing technical supply
Atlantes Marine can help in maintaining the exellent performance of a vessel by providing technical supply. We supply all kinds of spair parts, cabin, deck and engine consumables as well as help with ship repairing.

Speaking about ship repairing, Atlantes Marine can help in several ways:

  • by sending a team who will carry out a minor repair on board.
  • by finding a proper shipyard for your vessel at the best price.
For many years, while helping our clients with ship reparing, we have been partners with a Shiprepair Yard that repairs all types of ships, providing the following services:

  • Repair and renewal of steel constructions
  • Conversion work
  • Hatch covers repair or renewal
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements
  • Hull treatment
  • Docking works
  • Main and auxiliary diesels and turbine plants repair
  • All types of pumps and compressors repair
  • Refrigerating plants repair
  • Recondition of vessel's spare parts for ME and DG;
  • Renewal and repair of pipelines etc.
Feel free to email us at: and specify what kind of work should be done to help your vessel set sail.
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